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The only thing worse than taking too many tax deductions is not taking enough; the IRS rules change every year, and we can get you the Maximum Refund.

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How can we help YOU?

In 2013, the average refund for the Tax Pro’s clients was *$3219.00! Filing taxes, whether it be for your business or as an individual, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. For over 30 years Terry Smith has been helping San Diegans like yourself.

Call us at (619) 283-8055 to discuss your matter. Your consultation is free.

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*No tax preparer can guarantee you a tax refund of any kind or charge you a fee based on a % of your refund. This is against IRS regulations. The average refund for 2013 is thru the proper and legal application of all the tax laws available to the taxpayer.

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    Military / Government / City/ State

    Having served in the military and military reserves for over 25 years, I have prepared numerous tax returns for out of state and in state Active Duty personnel.  The big chain preparation franchises just did not know how to prepare a Non Resident California return. This incorrect filing status would make the Active Duty family pay at least $300 more in taxes to California that was not due. We have the know how and the experience you need.

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    Real Estate/Estate Taxes/Retirement

    The only person accountable for your real estate taxes is YOU; let the San Diego Tax Pro help you understand the process and learn about tax savings ideas! Estate Taxes can be a real headache but let us navigate you into secure waters. We’ll help show you the way towards a satisfying retirement

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    Late Filings & Tax Liens

    Quite often these are assessed based on unfilled tax returns and the IRS proposal is usually double what you really owe.  We have years of successful experience in “proving them wrong”!