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terry1Prepare, Plan, Prepare, Plan. The San Diego Tax Pro’s President Terry Smith favorite saying goes something like this …”The only thing worse than taking too many tax deductions is not taking enough.”

The IRS rules change every year, and we can get you the Maximum Refund.

When it comes to preparing, Terry helps you see into the future and is available to his customers on a year-round basis so they can help you during the year in making smart tax decisions.

Tax time gets closer every day. That means that your tax preparation and planning should start early so when Federal and State taxes are prepared and sent to the IRS you’ll be way ahead of the game. If you have questions or are ready to file your taxes but want to be sure you will receive every new deduction for 2014 (or previous years). Fortunately, for you the offices of the Tax Pro are open year round to answer your questions about Tax Preparation.

And why should you choose the San Diego Tax Pro for to be your preparer? … how about this:

Low Fees: Most fees begin at $225, and average under $400*

  • We have over 30 years of business in San Diego. Unlike many tax preparation services, we are always available and do not leave after the due date of April 15th.
  • Continuing Education: The State of California requires 20 hours, but Terry Smith took over 160 hours due to all the new tax changes!
  • The BEST reason, we guarantee the highest tax return at the lowest cost!
  • *Less than H&R Block’s published rate for the long-form tax return.

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