Tax Preparation

When it comes to professional Tax Preparation and Tax Planning few services can compete with the diversity of offices of The San Diego Tax Pro.

While the San Diego Tax Pro specializes in tax preparation and tax planning the San Diego Tax pro is adept at preparation for individuals, small businesses, Military Income Tax Preparation, IRS Representation, Real Estate Taxes and Estate and Inheritance Taxes. Terry Smith founder and owner of the San Diego Tax Pro company says:

“The only thing worse than taking too many tax deductions is not taking enough”

…the IRS rules change every year, and we can get you the Maximum Refund. When it comes to tax preparation and planning it’s very important to know the offices and team of the Tax professionals are here for you year round.  If you do your own taxes and the IRS comes knocking, be sure to give us a call for a free consultation.  I always say that the “first hour is on me”, so what do you have to lose? The Tax Pro is a proud member of the BBB and wants everyone to know “Having been accepted by the BBB means a great deal to me.” “So many tax preparers are fly by night companies, who come in to San Diego for four months a year … and then they’re gone.” “I think joining the BBB solidifies that we’re a bona fide San Diego based company open year round with a 30 years business ethic that can’t be questioned.

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