Calculators and Tools

Below are calculators and tools that can be used in the future for common purchases. Bookmark this page so you always have it handy!

Credit Card Minimum Payment Interest Calculator
We all know that paying the minimum balance can lead to a mountain of credit card debt.  Here is a great tool for to see for yourself. 
this is a great way to show a son or daughter how using a credit irresponsibly can lead to serious debt, affecting car loans, job opportunities, or credit checks for renting an apartment.

Electric Appliance Operating Cost Calculator
Got an old refrigerator in the garage?  Old appliances have never been known for efficiency.  The Electric Appliance Operating Cost Calculator will help you estimate the cost of operating an electrical appliance, based on the average kilo watt hour used per day, and on the average cost per kilowatt charged by an electric company.  Note: you may need your electric bill handy to complete this.

Real Hourly Wage Calculator
Getting paid $15 per hour can be really great, but how much of that money are you actually taking home?  Because of your commute do you use more gas, need daycare for a child, or have to invest into required clothing?   Consider these expenses and see what you really make.  Plus, the Tax Pro can help you understand where you can make tax savings!

Loan Comparison Calculator

Whether its a personal loan, or loan for a car, or a loan from a friend, you’ll want to know how much interest you will be paying as a part of that loan.  Use this calculator to compare up to 4 different loans.   Tip: Whenever possible, be sure your loan does not have penalties for paying it back early.

Automobile Cost ComparisonAutomobile Cost
While two cars may cost the same amount, to operate a large Toyota SUV versus a Mercedes sedan may cost you more money in the long run.  Factors like depreciation, maintenance, insurance, warranties and miles per gallon can make a reasonable car cost a lot more just to operate it.  Do your homework, as most cars today rarely, if ever, rise in value.

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