FTB (Franchise Tax Board) Liens

If you have a delinquent tax liability with the Franchise Tax Board, they may record or file a Notice of State Tax Lien at a county recorder’s office or file it with the California Secretary of State to secure the debt. A lien may encumber your real or personal property. It may prevent you from refinancing, selling, or transferring property through escrow unless the lien is satisfied. In addition, credit bureaus monitor public records for recorded liens and the lien may appear on your credit report. This may prevent you from conducting various financial transactions such as buying property or obtaining additional credit.

The San Diego Taxpro’s offices have been handling these kinds of cases for years. They have a proven successful track record with grate results for their clients.

After 32 years of Professional Preparation Terry Smith and his team of tax professionals know how to work with the IRS and Franchise Tax Board, and most importantly, how to get them to just leave you alone. If you have an upcoming hearing, review or investigation with the Internal Revenue Service or the Franchise Tax Board, please take a moment to give Terry Smith a call.  Your first hour and over 30 years of advice is always free. Call (619) 283-8055.

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