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Strictly speaking a tax lien is a legal claim to your property as security for your tax or fee debt. Usually you would receive a preliminary notice at least 30 days before filing a lien with the county recorder.

Liens, levies and offsets are three ways to collect unpaid taxes. A lien provides public notice to your creditors that someone has a claim against your property. When the debt is paid, the lien is released. A levy gives the creditor the authority to actually take and sell your property to satisfy the debt. An offset occurs when the taxes that you owe are deducted (offset) from a refund due by another government agency. If you do not pay your liabilities or make arrangements to settle your tax or fee debt, BOE may levy (seize) any type of real or personal property that you own or have an interest in.

The Tax Pros are not tax attorneys or Certified Public Accountants, but they can affordably resolve your tax issues and get the IRS to leave you alone.

Unless you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes, you just don’t need to pay those high fees for that type of representation. My 32 years of Individual and Business Professional Tax Preparation has enabled me to be very successful in representing Taxpayers before the IRS. This representation provides an acceptable resolve to your tax issues, with the IRS or State of California, and also at a price you can afford.

The midnight commercials you see about settling for 10 cents on the dollar are extremely misleading. That process takes at least a year, costs you a $150.00 filing fee (not such a big deal), but then you have to provide 20% of your “offer” up front with no refund and no guarantee of acceptance. In fact the IRS has a 15% acceptance ratio of applications submitted for its OIC (Offer in Compromise) program… don’t be confused call the offices of the San Diego Tax Pro for some free advice at (619) 283-8055.


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